Challenge Me to Stop ALS Before it Starts

By Sandrine Da Cruz, Ph.D.
Ludwig Institute for Cancer Research,
University of California, San Diego

One of the most significant results of the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge is the synergy it created in the ALS research community. The increase in funds the Challenge made available to research not only created more fundamental knowledge about ALS, it also spurred many global collaborations that further our capacity to identify targets and advance therapies.

ALS is an incredibly complex disease and it will take a community of researchers from all around the world to fully solve the puzzle. Joint research, cooperation and data-sharing have brought experts from diverse scientific fields together to contribute to comprehensive knowledge-building around the disease.

While I am grateful to have funds from the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge to advance my work on understanding what causes disruption of the critical connection between motor neurons and muscles, I am equally grateful to see fellow researchers well-funded with ALS Ice Bucket Challenge money. Fostering the next generation of young scientists is key for an innovative research that will help defeat ALS.

Every new discovery and every new observation in the research community informs the work we are doing in our individual laboratories. The dynamics emerging in our field of research is exciting and we have you to thank for it.


The Challenge Me campaign picks up where the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge left off. This time, the ALS community is challenging everyone to do anything and everything they can to cure ALS. Click here to learn more.

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