CNN Shines Light on “Iron Horse Tour” of MLB Ballparks

Today, CNN featured a profile on Larry Falivena, a person living with ALS since 2017. Larry is visiting all 30 Major League Baseball parks in one season to raise awareness of ALS as part of The ALS Association’s Challenge Me campaign. He began his “Iron Horse tour” on May 30.

“If my time is truly limited, I want to use it the best way possible,” Larry said in his CNN interview. “So, the two thoughts in my head were: I want to do something with my family, and I want to do something that’s going to have an impact against ALS.”

Follow Larry’s journey on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook.

Click here if you would like to donate in honor of Larry.

The Challenge Me campaign picks up where the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge left off. This time, the ALS community is challenging everyone to do anything and everything they can to cure ALS. Click here to learn more.

3 thoughts on “CNN Shines Light on “Iron Horse Tour” of MLB Ballparks”

  1. Thank you, Larry … you and your family are making a real difference for all of us in the ALS Community by raising additional awareness across our land. And in the process, you’re having an amazing trip with your family, and undoubtedly qualifying yourself as a true connoisseur in the world of MLB Park hotdogs!


  2. Good for you Larry. I am very envious. I was also diagnosed with ALS in 2017 and am a huge baseball fan. I would love to do this too, however, the thought of leaving the house and putting forth the effort feels way too monumental.

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