Challenge Me to Help Find a Cure for ALS

By Calaneet Balas
President & CEO, The ALS Association

Last week, Pete Frates and Pat Quinn unveiled a new campaign – Challenge Me — to celebrate the fifth anniversary of the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge and reengage the millions around the world who took the Challenge. Pat and Pete brought the Challenge Me ethos to life with the Ice Bucket Challenge and they have continued to inspire the entire ALS community over the last five years.

Challenge Me alludes to a worldwide phenomenon created and shared by ALS patients, their families, and their friends. Challenge Me is the way anyone and everyone can support people living with ALS. Just as people living with ALS challenge themselves every day, Challenge Me calls on all of us to have the courage, the strength, and the faith to do anything and everything possible to help find a cure for ALS.

Challenge Me to run faster. Challenge Me to climb higher. Challenge Me to ride farther. Challenge Me to donate. Challenge Me to participate. Challenge Me to advocate. Challenge Me to care more deeply. Challenge Me to fight together. Challenge Me to help find a cure for ALS.

Please check out the campaign video below, narrated by Courtney B. Vance, an Emmy-winning actor and advocate, who lost his mother to ALS. I hope you will join Pat and Pete and the rest of the ALS community in embracing the Challenge Me spirit and challenging others to join the fight.




The Challenge Me campaign picks up where the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge left off. This time, the ALS community is challenging everyone to do anything and everything they can to cure ALS. Click here to learn more.

2 thoughts on “Challenge Me to Help Find a Cure for ALS”

  1. Many will be attending another Advocacy Conference in Washington DC this year, 2019.
    My aim is to impress upon representatives on the hill how much suffering exists among not only ALS patients themselves but also their caregivers and families. It is heartbreaking. What better way to do this than to interview those who attend the many ALS support groups around the world? See them in person and to hear their experiences and their concerns.
    That is my challenge and I would encourage all support groups to do the same.
    I’ll be the messenger for those in our support group in Turlock, California.
    Time is not on our side. In fact one of our patients, Chad Wey, passed two days after being interviewed.


  2. In 2014 our junior high schooled daughter came home wanting to do an ice bucket challenge. We took video of her & friends pouring ice on themselves, we got caught up in the craze. We posted on social media, etc..I researched what ALS was only to know what it was we, as parents, were encouraging. I’ll forever be grateful for that moment our little girl brought awareness to something we knew nothing about. I’m now advocating for a family member with ALS. Trying to be her caregiver,her voice,her advocate. Trying to prepare & figure out taking in 4 more children as shes leaving them behind. Trying to figure out finances, bedroom placements for 7 children, therapies, & all the things these babies are going to need. I was overwhelmed. Then I realized how absolutely lucky I am to have this responsibility. She didnt have a choice in ALS diagnoses. I have my voice, my limbs work, I’m cognitively ok, I can work, I can do what ALS patients are robbed of. I thank you for the awareness brought about in 2014 as that was the first I had ever heard of such a thing. Because of that I’m not as blindsided. My heart is broken, my body is tired, my mind is worried & I remind myself how lucky I am to feel that. That’s what’s going to get my family through this. Love, strength, compassion, & lots & lots of learning, transitioning, allowing selves to fall in emotion, & learning to pick each other up. I don’t know how we’re going to get through this..please keep spreading awareness. It does matter. It does help. Until we find a cure we need each other.


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