Kids Inspire Us to Fight ALS

Our Every Drop Adds Up campaign builds on the idea that people coming together for a common goal can make the impossible happen, just as it did four summers ago when the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge soaked the world. Every person helped, research project funded, story shared, discovery made, piece of legislation passed, and dollar raised – it all adds up!

ALS affects everyone in the family – even kids.

In a new video, real families talk about the impact that a loved one having ALS has on young people – how the disease can be scary and confusing for them and how kids can inspire us all to keep fighting. Watch it and share with your friends and family.

Across the country, kids are fighting ALS in their own way.

Rebecca Wetzel in New Jersey, whose grandfather and father both died of ALS, and who has a 50 percent chance of having the genetic mutation that causes ALS, created the Iced Tea Challenge with her two young daughters to raise money for ALS research.

iced tea challenge-capital hill1
Rebecca Wetzel and her daughters

Kelly Delgado’s kids, Gabriel and Sara, spent an entire day selling lemonade outside their California home, intent on making a difference by raising money to find a cure for ALS. Their grandmother had passed away from the disease when she was just 62 years old.

Sophie Rubin, a Maryland seventh grader, was inspired to fight ALS because of her close relationship with her grandmother. “Nanny” was diagnosed with ALS in 2017 and passed away earlier this year. Sophie helped to raise over $10,000 through her “Nanny’s Nation” One Dollar Difference fundraiser.

Sophie Rubin and Nanny

Donate now to help keep the momentum going as we fight for a world without ALS. You can also support us by sharing stories from our ALS community, like this one. (Click one of the “share” buttons below.) Or by bidding on an ALS Auction item, telling us your own story, picking up a PopSockets grip, or hosting a fundraiser.

As the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge proved, small actions can have a major impact. Or, as we like to put it, Every Drop Adds Up!


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