With ALS, Every Day Adds Up

Our Every Drop Adds Up campaign builds on the idea that people coming together for a common goal can make the impossible happen, just as it did four summers ago when the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge soaked the world. Every person helped, research project funded, story shared, discovery made, piece of legislation passed, and auction bid placed – it all adds up!

For people living with ALS and their caregivers and family, every day adds up.

ALS is a journey that begins months, even years, before a diagnosis. Because there’s no definitive test for ALS, doctors must run through a battery of tests, ruling out other potential syndromes, conditions, and diseases before making a diagnosis of ALS.

It’s a journey that, for many people diagnosed with ALS, continues through the five-month waiting period they qualify for Social Security Disability Insurance.

It’s a journey with many difficult days spent dealing with the loss of motor functions.

“[ALS] is a disease that is challenging every day. Every day I wake up not knowing what’s going to happen. You take for granted every day what you do.” (Russell Mikunda, Person With ALS, Iowa)

Russell Mikunda
Russell Mikunda

It’s a journey that also has good days, as families affected by ALS continue to live each day and find moments of joy.

Please watch this impactful video and then share it with your friends and family to help raise awareness of ALS.

And donate today to help us support research into treatments and a cure, advocate to end the five-month waiting period for SSDI, and make sure people with ALS are empowered every day to live their lives to the fullest.

You can also join the fight against ALS by bidding on an ALS Auction item, telling us your own story, picking up a PopSocket, or hosting a fundraiser. As the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge proved, small actions have a major impact. Or, as we like to put it, Every Drop Adds Up! Thanks for your support!

2 thoughts on “With ALS, Every Day Adds Up”

  1. My dearest brothers and sisters, I too share your plight and I pray for all of us every day. There is something you can all do and that is to email your local state congressman /senator and ask them for their position on HR 1171. As I understand it this bill is with the Social security sub committee and also enjoys quite a bit of bi partisan support. This bill proposes to eliminate the 5 month waiting period and have SS /Medicare payments begin as soon as your are determined to be disabled with a compassionate disability (such as ALS). This would eliminate the 5 month waiting period to have coverage / payments begin.

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  2. My mom worked her whole life and was diagnosed with ALS only 3 years into retirement. She went through the horror of processing the prognosis and then the additional insult of draining her life savings on medical equipment, adaptive devices, and hired help so she could remain in her home. In the state in which she lived she was over income with assets. (God forbid you plan to enjoy your retirement you bust your bump your whole life to achieve)

    I lost my best friend and Mom this past January. God bless all who are still fighting this disease ❤️


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