Every Bid Adds Up: Online ALS Auction Now Open!

Our Every Drop Adds Up campaign builds on the idea that people coming together for a common goal can make the impossible happen, just as it did four summers ago when the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge soaked the world. Every person helped, every research project funded, every discovery made, every auction bid placed, every piece of legislation passed, and every story shared – it all adds up!

The ALS Association is fighting back against ALS, in every corner of the country. And this August, as part of our Every Drop Adds Up campaign, we’ve launched an online ALS Auction, which is now LIVE!

The online auction is your chance to bid on exciting experiences, including a private batting practice session with former Chicago Cubs pitcher, Ryan Dempster; a private meet-and-greet with New York Yankees legend and manager, Aaron Boone; a seven-night stay at the Pineapple Beach Club in Antigua, and much more!

What makes this month-long auction so meaningful is that its reach is virtually unlimited. Like the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge, the ALS Auction is allowing people across the country to come together online to support the ALS community.

By bidding on experiences, you can make a big impact in the fight against ALS. All auction proceeds will go toward giving help and hope to people facing the disease and their families through research, local care and support services, and advocacy.

All auction items will close for bidding on August 31. Click here to visit our Bidr-hosted ALS Auction page today and bid on incredible experiences and packages.

Every Bid Adds Up!

Help us keep the momentum going as we fight for a world without ALS. Tell us your story. Bid on an ALS Auction item. Pick up a PopSocket. Host a fundraiser. Make a recurring or one-time donation.

As the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge proved, small actions of a few can have a major impact. Or, as we like to put it, Every Drop Adds Up!

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