The Power of Insights…and Kiddie Pools!

Innovation plays a key role in The ALS Association’s fight to develop treatments and a cure for ALS and to empower people living with the disease to live their lives to the fullest. During June and July, we are celebrating some of the key innovations helping us change the nature of ALS forever.

The ALS Association teamed up with a group of expert data analysts at Mastercard who spent more than 24 consecutive hours to help our national office and chapters gather insights into improving operations and strategies to advance our mission to find a cure for ALS.

Collectively, we spent 1500+ hours of planning, preparing for, and analyzing, which led to recommendations centered on opportunities for:

  • Direct response programs
  • Special events
  • Donor profiles and preferences

In addition to specific recommendations for targeted outreach, donor retention, and test optimization, the project will result in numerous tools and takeaways for The ALS Association, including our local chapters, so we can be exceptional stewards of donor dollars and get the biggest return on investment as we fight ALS on all fronts.

Our collaboration with Mastercard is truly exceptional.

Margot Vaughan, senior vice president, customized marketing at Mastercard, spearheaded the initiative. She was diagnosed with ALS in 2016 and receives support services from The ALS Association Connecticut Chapter.

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Margot actively advocates to raise ALS awareness and funds toward a cure for the disease. She is the captain for the Miles for Margot team at the Westport Walk to Defeat ALS in Westport, Conn.

In January, Mastercard organized a sALSa (Spread ALS Awareness) night to get employees dancing and donating. This is all part of a global campaign, sALSa For a Cure, that’s focused on discovering innovative clinical trials to eliminate ALS.

After the event, Mastercard staffers pitched in an extra amount of energy and contributions by organizing an Ice Bucket Challenge. They were prepared with kiddie pools and tarps, and a few brave souls were doused with ice cold water after employees raised over $7,000 for The ALS Association. Those donations were fully matched by the company.

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Mastercard’s service to the ALS community is truly inspiring. It has energized us even more to initiate partnerships and other innovative platforms that will hasten our progress towards creating a world without ALS.

Donate today and join the movement in serving, advocating for, and empowering people affected by ALS to live their lives to the fullest.

One thought on “The Power of Insights…and Kiddie Pools!”

  1. I would like to see advocacy for at least 42hours of caregiving so spouses can continue to work to pay the household expenses and medical expenses. This is an are that need advocacy by alsa. ALS bankrupts a family financially and emotionally. We need to do better to help the families, the cost of caregiving is likely to be over$150,000 a year. The average family cannot afford this! Caregiving is 24/7 for an ALS patient. ALS Families are in crisis with their finances and lack of qualified caregiving.


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