The ALS Association Kicks Off ALS Awareness Month

We’re excited to kick off National ALS Awareness Month. The next 31 days will be dedicated to education about the disease and the work happening around the world to find a cure, and to advocating for people with ALS and their caregivers.

This year, we’re asking you to Raise Your Voice to elevate the fight against ALS.

As Simon Fitzmaurice, who lost his nine-year battle against ALS in 2017, wrote in his memoir, “It’s Not Dark Yet”: “Communication is key with ALS because the disease takes away your ability to speak. But it need not take your voice.”

Your voice is more than your ability to speak. People advocate and increase awareness in many ways – through posting on social media, writing letters to members of Congress, donating to organizations and charities, and using speech generating devices and sign language to give speeches and talk to people about issues and causes that are important to them.

Even people who have lost the ability to speak deserve to be heard.

Throughout the month, we’ll be sharing stories of people living with the disease and their caregivers, the researchers around the world looking for treatments and a cure, and the health care professionals who make sure people with ALS can live their lives to the fullest.

We’ll also be launching three new public service announcements about ALS throughout the month. Each one highlights what it’s like to live with ALS.

Later this month, we will bring together more than 500 ALS Advocates at the annual National ALS Advocacy Conference to educate members of Congress about the need for better public health care and research policies.

So, how can you Raise Your Voice? Update your Facebook profile with the ALS Awareness frame. Contact your representatives in Congress. Recruit your friends to like our Facebook page or follow us on Twitter. Promote a fundraiser. Host a fundraiser. Register for a Walk to Defeat ALS or a Team Challenge ALS event.

Raise Your Voice this month to increase awareness of ALS. Together, we will be heard.

4 thoughts on “The ALS Association Kicks Off ALS Awareness Month”

  1. Please recognize Pastor Victoria Schlintz of Merced, CA, who has lived with ALS for 13 years! She still preaches at least once a month, conducts a weekly Bible Study, writes articles for clergy, etc. She is an amazing inspiration to all who know her. Her husband, Gerry, is the world’s greatest caregiver!


  2. I have a brother in law with A.L.S & he has had it for 5 years now , can’t do anything on his own, & is in a nursing home . So hard to see him like that. He had a tablet that he can use his eyes to speak with. We live about 3 hours away from were he is ,so we only see him a couple times a month, I would like to find someone that can check in on him more often & help with some needs that he has , he would like a phone that hooks up to the tablet & I don’t know were to look for one. Thank you.


  3. My sister in Iraq has ALS but there is limited medical Care and knowledge about ALS in Iraq.
    Please help me ,help me ,help me to help my sister .
    I am living in Rochester, NY.


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