Amylyx Pharmaceuticals Announces Open Label Extension of CENTAUR Phase II Clinical Trial

UPDATE: As of March 14, 2019, enrollment for the CENTAUR Phase II clinical trial has been completed.

The CENTAUR phase II clinical drug trial, sponsored by Amylyx Pharmaceuticals and funded by ALS Ice Bucket Challenge donations, began an open label extension, giving people with ALS who completed their trial period an opportunity to continue taking the drug, AMX0035.

All patients who complete the main phase of the study will be eligible for this extension and will receive AMX0035 without placebo. The CENTAUR phase II trial is currently enrolling 132 people with ALS nationwide.

The Association is supporting the CENTAUR phase II trial through ALS Ice Bucket Challenge donations, with a $2.96 million grant in partnership with ALS Finding a Cure.

For more information about Amylyx Pharmaceuticals and the phase II CENTAUR trial, click here and here.

Read the full press release here.

One thought on “Amylyx Pharmaceuticals Announces Open Label Extension of CENTAUR Phase II Clinical Trial”

  1. I understand the issues associated with inclusion of those of us living with ALS for more than 2,5+ years. How to evaluate slow progression as opposed to measurable outcomes associated with any particular trial intervention as primary.
    However this leaves an important group less evaluated, and have little opportunity to contribute to the fund of knowledge. Why do we live longer with this disease? What factors besides body mass, for example allow for increased life expectancy?
    This June will mark the 5th year of official diagnosis, and likely the 6th plus year of symptoms.
    Please use the full array of options in the development of trials. I may have missed seeing some so please accept my apologies.
    I know there are some out there now and applaud any effort that will reduce an eliminate having to inform one Wife and Children of this diagnosis.
    Thank you for what you do!!


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