2017: A Year of Big Advances in ALS Research

In 2017, many new research discoveries and collaborations accelerated the momentum toward finding treatments and a cure for ALS. We helped lead the way by awarding several new grants to top scientists and clinicians. We currently fund over 126 projects in eight countries, furthering the best ALS research in the world.

Here are just a few of the biggest advances in ALS research this past year that give us hope! All projects were funded by The ALS Association.

Enrollment in clinical trials is higher than ever. The Nuedexta trial is showing significant palliative effects on speech, swallowing, and salivation. This approach could have a large impact on quality of life for people living with bulbar ALS.

New ALS biomarkers are being discovered. A new urinary biomarker is helping researchers monitor disease progression and biomarkers tracking C9orf72, the most common inherited-ALS mutation, are making headway to better understand disease pathways and prepare for upcoming clinical trials.

ALS drug development is taking off. Researchers at Aquinnah Pharmaceuticals gained $10 million in revenue through new partnerships with pharma to more quickly drive their compounds into clinical trials.

Check out our research infographic to learn more about some of the projects that made a difference this year.


Help us continue this momentum into the new year. Your tax-deductible gift will allow us to continue our critical funding of the most promising research from around the world, leading us closer to effective treatments and a cure for ALS.

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