Creative Ways to Support The ALS Association

The ALS Association wishes you and your family a very safe and spooky Halloween!

This festive season is another reminder that ALS takes away the ability to do so many things that most of us may take for granted. With this devastating disease, even fun activities like bobbing for apples or going trick-or-treating with kids are made extremely challenging or simply not possible.
Want to make every piece of candy and costume count towards the fight against ALS? It’s easy! Simply designate The ALS Association as your charity of choice when shopping through AmazonSmile for the things you are buying anyway. Amazon will donate a percentage of your purchase amount to The ALS Association at no extra cost to you!

There are many creative ways like this to contribute to The ALS Association. Visit our Other Ways to Give page to see how you can make an even greater impact for the ALS community!

To learn more about ALS and how you can make an immediate one-time or recurring contribution, visit

With your help, we can give people with ALS and their families a higher quality of life and increased hope that we are getting closer to more effective treatments and a cure. Thank you!

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