Clinical Trial: Genentech is Now Enrolling Phase I Study to Test DLK Inhibitor

Genentech, a member of the Roche group, has initiated a Phase I clinical study evaluating GDC-0134, an oral investigational medicine designed to block dual leucine zipper kinase (DLK), for the potential treatment of ALS. The trial is enrolling now in sites across the United States.

DLK is an enzyme found in nerve cells of the brain and spinal cord. Activation of DLK may cause nerve cells to die when they come under stress. Blocking DLK may be able to prevent motor neurons from dying in people with ALS. Preclinical data shows that blocking or removing DLK is beneficial in a variety of animal models, including a superoxide dismutase 1 (SOD1) mouse model. Mutations in the SOD1 gene are the second most common cause of inherited ALS.

Genentech is conducting a double-blind, randomized, placebo-controlled dose escalation Phase 1 clinical study that will explore the safety and tolerability of multiple-ascending-doses of GDC-0134 in people with ALS. Trial participates will receive GDC-0134 or placebo once daily for 28 days. Genentech is aiming to enroll approximately 70 participants across 9 study centers in the United States (see below).

“We are enthusiastic that Genentech is dedicated to finding a treatment for ALS.” -Dr. Lucie Bruijn, Chief Scientist, The ALS Association

Genentech is working to discover and develop transformative medicines for people with major diseases of the nervous system, such as ALS and Alzheimer’s disease and DLK may play an important role in both.

To learn more about DLK, please see, “Square One: Understanding Neurodegeneration.”

To learn more about the trial, please visit the Northeast ALS Consortium clinical trial page and the study page.

For questions, please contact Genentech’s Clinical Trial Information Support Line at (888) 662-6728.

The following clinical trial sites are located in the United States:

California: Forbes Norris ALS Research Center, San Francisco

Florida: Mayo Clinic Hospital, Jacksonville; University of Miami Miller School of Medicine, Miami; Compass Research, Orlando

Georgia: The Emory ALS Clinic, Atlanta

Maryland: Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine, Baltimore

Massachusetts: Massachusetts General Hospital, Boston

North Carolina: Wake Research Associates, Raleigh

Tennessee: New Orleans Center for Clinical Research, Knoxville

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17 thoughts on “Clinical Trial: Genentech is Now Enrolling Phase I Study to Test DLK Inhibitor”

  1. New drugs sound promising. What about pts. that are mostly bedbound? I have a 54 yr. old son who would be willing to try anything to help, we are in Michigan. I am his mom and R.N.


    1. No longer need to worry about trials in Michigan. My son passed away on Sat 7-23 after three years of waiting and suffering. I pray something will happen soon and a cure found. Thanks for your consideration.


  2. I’m interested, I live in Lawrenceburg Indiana, Dr. Neel at UC. Mediccal center is my neurologist. I was diagnosed July of 2016.
    Im also part of a research study (ALS at home study.) I measure my breathing, grip, muscle quality and speech daily.


  3. My mother was diagnosed with ALS June 3, 2014, and passed away July 1 of the same year. My father, 87 now, has Parkinson’s. If I can be of any help genetically, please let me know.


  4. I live near Jacksonville and diagnosed 9/15/2014 with ALS by Mayo Clinic originally. Care provided by VA currrently. Would like consideration for trial.


  5. My name is Nancy Lafenhagen. I have been diagnosed with ALS. Please contact me regarding this. My number is 618-292-9533


  6. I am very interested because my son has ALS. but he is now in Manila, Philippines. He is Filipino. Can he avail of this trial! Thank you


  7. i really thought i wont get rid of it not until i saw post celebrating how his mom was free from als disease ,i was really surprised because i have search all angle yet nothing happened,this disease weak me to the extent i was having difficulty speaking,difficulty raising my foot so i decided to contact the email i saw which was totalcureherbalfoundation@ and they gave me all the instruction tho i actually purchased the herbal medicine from the clinic,i used it just the way i was told and right now am fully free from ALS disease just as my Dr said and i no longer experiencing the symptoms anymore. https://totalcureherbalfou.w bsite


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