Hopeful Highlights from the Recent ALS MND Symposium

Earlier this month, The ALS Association was happy to travel to Dublin to participate in the 27th International Symposium on ALS/MND. The Symposium, the largest ever, brought together top ALS researchers and clinicians from all over the world. People in attendance, including those from The ALS Association, used the hashtag #alssymp during the event. Here are some of our favorites!

The Symposium kicked off in Dublin emphasizing global collaboration.

Drs. Vermeulen and Bedlack joined us for the opening session to give firsthand insight on why studying both ALS environmental risk factors and alternative treatments are so vital to ALS research.

Next came the awards ceremony. It’s always fun to witness the excitement of researchers receiving such competitive awards!

Some highlights here of progress in basic research within the global ALS community.

ALS therapeutic drug discovery is on the rise!

Drug discovery leads to clinical trials. There are more ongoing ALS clinical trials than ever before!

And ALS clinical trial guidelines are being made to streamline the process.

Biomarker discovery strengthens clinical trials. Advances in imaging and cellular biomarkers were also reported during the Symposium.

It was the biggest clinical care track in the Symposium’s history. Improving ALS care for people living with their disease and their loved ones is paramount!

From improving how people living with ALS eat…

To helping caregivers…

To better understanding cognitive and behavioral changes…

To improving patient care…

Global collaboration is key to advancing research towards effective ALS treatments and cures. The collaborative vibe at the conference was infectious! A video from our Chief Scientist, Dr. Lucie Bruijn:

Talking to one another, sharing ideas and befriending our peers can result in innovation.

Collaboration results in gene discovery! Example: Project MinE

With advances in genomic sequencing (i.e. reading a person’s full DNA code), there’s been huge steps forward in precision medicine to cater drug development and therapy to each individual person living with ALS.

Dr. Brian Dickie, Director of Research of the MND Association wraps up the Symposium.

We look forward to the 2017 Symposium in Boston hosted by ALS TDI and ALS Hope Foundation!

Thank you for a wonderful time in Dublin!

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