Singing for a Cure

Deborah Silver, an accomplished vocalist and performer, has been active in the fight against ALS since 2009, when her sister was diagnosed with the disease.

My sister, Marjie Block, was diagnosed with ALS in 2009. I was by her side visiting doctor after doctor hoping to get any diagnosis other than ALS. We even prayed for Lyme Disease….anything but ALS! Ultimately, this unfortunate diagnosis stayed the same and Marjie’s courageous battle began.

As our family rallied behind her, we became determined to win this seemingly unwinnable ordeal and have committed ourselves to fighting alongside all ALS patients. My children have launched several projects to raise funds for a cure including my daughter’s website,, so far raising over $100,000. Having always felt there is a reason for everything, perhaps this disease ended up in our family because we simply will not rest until ALS is eradicated. This is why I am always trying to come up with ideas of how to raise even more funds for a cure.

Throughout this process, I have met some of the most impressive and special people in the world who also happen to be battling ALS. My heart goes out to everyone and their families struggling with this horrendous disease.

On Friday, September 16th, the official release date of my album, The Gold Standards, I will donate 100 percent of all net proceeds from the sales on iTunes and Amazon for that day to The ALS Association, 100 percent of which will go to fund research for a cure with 0 percent being used for any administrative fees or expenses.

Please join me on September 16th and celebrate the lives of all people living with ALS by purchasing a download or CD of The Gold Standards, featuring songs from The Great American Songbook with a “Silver” spin. The Gold Standards is produced by Grammy-winning producer Steve Tyrell and Jon Allen with arrangements by Alan Broadbent. Also appearing on the album is two-time Grammy-winner Jack Jones, who joins me in a duet on “I’ve Got A Crush On You”; and the great jazz diva, Ann Hampton Callaway, who is featured on “The Glory Of Love.”

It is a privilege to be able to sing for a cure, tying my passion for music with my passion for the fight against ALS. I hope you will take advantage of this opportunity to lend support to this extremely important cause while enjoying some familiar tunes!

With hope in my heart for a timely cure,

-Deborah Silver

Stream “I’ve Got a Crush On You” (Duet with Jack Jones).

Watch “The Sixty Seconds of Silver” video.

2 thoughts on “Singing for a Cure”

  1. ALS I lost my birth mom from this Disease on September 21st 2015 . I hope some day will find a cure for it. She was dignose with it just in 2015 as it was to late to give her medication for it. She had suffered for 4 years she went over test and different Infussions as no body new what it was . It began in 2011 and ended in 2015. I really hope one day some one will find a cure for ALS . Watching her go through it was really difficult it is a hard and fustrating disease but need be in understanding in what she went through and every one else that is going through it now . ONE LOVE TO ALL ALS FIGHTERS !!! 😢❤️❤️


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