Introducing The ALS Association Blog!

Every May, The ALS Association joins the ALS community in celebrating ALS Awareness Month, a time to bring attention and understanding to this disease. As part of this year’s Awareness Month, we are happy to be launching the ALS Association Blog!

We know that people living with ALS – including family members, caregivers, and friends – form a tight-knit community. Because of this, we want to make our blog a place for you to share your stories and talk with each other. Posts will include stories and creative works submitted by people in the ALS community, and visitors to the blog will be able to leave comments and share their favorite articles on social media.

The blog will also be a place to find the latest news, information, and issues related to ALS, and will offer a look at the progress of The Association’s initiatives in research, advocacy, and care services.

We encourage you to stay tuned for more blog posts – you can use the “follow” feature to receive an email notification whenever we publish a post. And be sure to participate in National ALS Advocacy Day on May 10, when the ALS community will make its voice heard at the highest levels of Congress.

If you’d like to submit an article to be considered for posting on the blog, please read our Submission Guidelines and send your post in an email to This month, we’re looking to hear about what the ALS community means to you. Below are some questions to help spark some ideas:

  • When was the first time you met another member of the ALS community?
  • How has someone else living with the disease helped you deal with its effects on your own?
  • What’s the most impressive thing you’ve seen the ALS community accomplish?
  • What words of advice would you offer someone who is new to the ALS community?

3 thoughts on “Introducing The ALS Association Blog!”

  1. RIP to husband Bill who passed May 19, 2013— 3 years ago. And to all before and after him. I can attest to the tremendous support the Rocky Mountain ALS chapter gave my husband and myself, as the caregiver. Special hats off to the bereavement counselor- ‘Mary’– she took my husband’s mental agony away– while he took ALS head on. Although his struggle was short, and he felt he didn’t want to ‘connect’ with many, those he and I came in contact with saved our souls. Everyone eased our anger at the world for such a ‘blow’. I’ll never forget the folks around Denver that helped us, forever. And I know my husband blows kisses from above. Thank you! And for anyone new? Need a shoulder?- Im here for you. On either side of the coin. Im on the Denver list. And I’ll be in Cherry Creek on Tues June 14th ALS unfiltered function/ JW Marriott.
    – Susie Hill.


  2. hello,
    im alexandra from muntinlupa philippines, My mother-in-law was diagnosed with ALS just last week ago. We are sadened by her result the doctor said that there is no cure for this desease. We all feel so hopeles and devastated. We are hoping that there is still cure for this. We are so lost we have no idea why is this happening to us. we want my mother in law to live longer and to get her life back. Ive been reading of so many article about ALS and im hoping that i can find a way to help her. Now im here to ask for help for my mother in law.Please im begging for anyone who could give us help.


  3. Thank you Sysie, my husband and I have been fighting for almost 5 years. I hope I find the support you did. My husband doesn’t want to connect with anyone either. I feel like I’m begging for help. Just quit my job to care for him full time.


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